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MX80 Barrier Gate Supplier 3 Second
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Sell MX80 Barrier Gate Supplier 3 Second

Specification of MX80 Barrier Gate Supplier 3 Second

Cross Parking / Barrier Gate MX80

With Body LED / Lights

We are a provider of automation equipment ranging from sliding gate, Automatic door, Turnstile to Parking bar.

We make sure the products we sell are original products of the highest quality in the market today.

MX80 is a barrier gate with varied design elegance and speed. Able to support additional devices for your automation needs.

Equipped with LED light connections for bars / arms that use lights.

MX80 is available in various speed variants ranging from 1 second to 3 seconds. Able to use bars ranging from 1 meter to 4 meters.

Every purchase includes a bracket, a plain parking bar, a release key.

We are looking for installers and resellers who want to market our products with high profits, please contact us for more info.

Ready to send to all of Indonesia

* Only installed by professionals

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