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Specification of DEA KIT SPACE

Garage Door Accessories

Sectional and counterweight door operators

SPACE is a range of sectional and counterweight garage door operators, available in 24V.

The SPACE operator has a built-in control board with an integrated 433 MHz receiver (up to 100 remotes), and is available in three versions (art.SPACE, art.SPACE/XL, art.SPACE/XXL), with traction forces up to 600N and up to 1200N.

NET724N and NET724N / XL control boards make it possible to increase usage for high loads.

Both versions are completely safe and comply with European Norms EN12453 and EN12445 thanks to position management and devices for obstacle detection.

Main feature:

Steel track with belt to ensure maximum resistance and low noise (art.AB16, art.AB20)
Default courtesy lights
2 encoder channels
3 steps of simplified programming
Fast motor connection to the track
Safe programming procedures
Continuous stroke and style adjustments
Speed ‚Äč‚Äčadjustment and deceleration when opening and closing
A variety of accessories to match the installation

KIT SPACE / XL Sectional Door DC Motor set (1200N) c / w:

1 MOTOR unit
1 NET724N / XL Control Panel Board unit
1 unit of GT4 (Remote)
1 GT-WALL unit
AB16 Steel track with belt, 2 pieces

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