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MX-80 Barrier Gate LED Original High Quality
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Cross Parking / Barrier Gate MX-80 / E-75000 Body is LED

Is the perfect choice of mobility of your parking area, with a speed of 1.8 seconds the activity closes and opens the bar almost without pause.

The present design with additional LEDs in the Body and supports an LED gate / arm gate as well. Very fashionable and elegance.

Cross Parking / Barrier Gate MX-80 is very suitable to be installed in the Mall, Offices that require maximum speed and a contemporary parking bar design.

Each purchase package includes a plain parking bar, manual lock and bracket.

For optional with separate prices can be paired with LED arm gate, and can be added with Vehicle Loop Detector.

We also provide spare parts for mx 50 parking machines, MX 80 and MX Pro

Ready to send throughout Indonesia,

* Only installed by professionals

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