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Specification of

Automatic Gate Opener

Fence openers and automatic sliding gates for residential / residential
with a real power capacity of 600 KG

We are the only DEA ITALY authorized reseller in Indonesia, we provide all products with these Brands.

With 100% Original Guarantee and support support for warranty etc.

DEA LIVI Residential 600 KG, is a gate opening machine / automatic sliding fence with a capacity of 600KG which is very suitable for residential gates that do not use heavy fences / gates.

The LIVI / N operator is equipped with an internal control board with an integrated 433 MHz receiver and limit switch.

Operators equipped with the DE @ NET technology control board are fully secure and comply with European Norms EN12453 and EN12445 also in the 230V version, thanks to the presence of an encoder that complements the sophistication of products from DEA.

Operator that locks itself with a limit switch
230V version with encoder for position management and obstacle detection
Input controlled for external security devices

Purchases include:

1 unit of LIVI 600KG AC MOTOR
1 NET230N Control Panel Board unit
1 unit of Photobeam Minilux
1 unit LED3030AI
2 2xTR2 units (Remote)
2 units of Release Keys

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